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C&T Leather Balm!

When we were developing our first range of collars, leads and ‘every-day-carry’ (EDC) items, we tried many readily available products that claimed to protect, preserve and restore leather goods. We discovered that many of them smelled really bad, or were unsafe for contact with skin. The basic problem was that we didn’t want to use these on our leather goods, because we didn’t want them on our hands and we didn’t want the smell in our home workshop.

So we looked for a recipe that would allow us to create our own, and hit on the current formula for C&T Leather Balm.

C&T Leather Balm is simply made from all natural ingredients. It is a carefully balanced blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter and Beeswax. Absolutely nothing else.

These are all products that are used in foods, cosmetics and creams, and in just the right combination, produce an excellent Leather Balm to Restore, Protect and Preserve leather goods.

NOTE: C&T Leather Balm is not a cosmetic or food, so is not safety tested. Please note that it contains nut oil so may be unsuitable for those with a nut allergy.

See below for application information:

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How to Apply C&T Leather Balm

C&T Leather Balm can be tried on any ‘smooth leather’ but it is not suitable for use on suede. Many leather products can be treated with it, but it is not a polish and does not produce a high shine..

We recommend applying a very small quantity to a hidden or inconspicuous area of the leather, to test it first. Because it is adding moisture and oils back into the leather it will usually darken the leather a little. Leather often lightens as it dries out, so this is only natural that is darkens when the moisture is replaced. It will usually lighten again in time, and with exposure to sunlight.

Is C&T Leather Balm a Leather Cleaner?

No, C&T Leather Balm is not a leather cleaner. If the item is wet or dirty (for example, if your dog, like ours, jumps into any body of water, regardless of colour/odour, without checking in with you first, and before you can slip off their leather collar), then allow the collar to dry out somewhere cool and dark (not on a radiator or by a fire – it will dry the leather out far too much and too quickly).

When it is dry, brush off any dust or dirt, especially around seams and stitching. Give a wipe over with a damp cloth to get rid of any other stubborn dirt. When dry, treat with C&T Leather Balm.

Storing C&T Leather Balm

Store somewhere cool and dry, and keep the lid on the tin between uses. C&T Leather Balm stays firm at room temperature. If you keep it in your pocket, or anywhere warm, it will soften somewhat. If this happens, it can still be used, just be careful not to apply too much as it is much easier to do so when it is soft! Returning the balm to a cooler place will soon allow it to firm up again.

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    Yet to use, but happy to have to maintain the lead and purse strap.

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