Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before you contact us, you might want to see if your question is listed below:

When will my order ship? 

All items are handmade, and the majority are made to order. We try to get your orders out as soon as we can, and many items ship quite quickly. As a result, most orders will ship within our ‘standard lead time’ of 28 days. This 28 day period starts on the first working day after order placement. Working days are Monday to Friday and exclude Bank Holidays (England) and Saturdays and Sundays.

At times, we are just overwhelmed with orders, and whilst we (literally sometimes) work day and night to get these to you as soon as possible, on occasion it just isn’t possible to make items fast enough to satisfy the orders without compromising on quality – which we will not do! We may also find that materials we order become unexpectedly unavailable. Whilst we work hard to source alternatives, sometimes this introduces a delay.

If we have to delay the shipping for any reason, we will try to let you know before the 28 day ‘standard lead time’ is up.

I need the items for a special occasion. Will it be here in time? 

Your French Bulldog is your Ring Bearer? Your Spaniel is your Best Man? Good choices (…and please send us pictures!), but please contact us before placing your order and we will agree a shipping date and method with you.

If you need the item for date that is within our usual 14 day lead time + shipping time, it may be possible to expedite the order or the shipping, at additional cost, but please check first. We hate to disappoint you!

Should I get in touch to see how you are getting on making my order? 

Hey, we always love to hear from you; without you we wouldn’t be doing this, but it won’t get the order made any faster – sorry! We love it that you are excited to get your items; we are excited to get them out to you and see how your dogs look in them. When you post an Instagram picture of your dog looking fabulous in their C&T wardrobe, we do a little happy dance! 

Will my item look exactly like the pictures on the website or Instagram?

No! But it will be very similar. There are three good reasons why your item will be different (and should be!) Firstly, all the items are handmade, so each one is different. Secondly, we use tweeds and other fabrics that are themselves handmade. Depending on the batch of fabric, and the pattern placement when we cut your item out, the colours, pattern and appearance may vary. Thirdly, it’s very difficult to represent the colours consistently. They should be a good indication, but the lighting conditions of the photograph, the camera and computer processing and editing of the image, and the colour rendition settings and brightness of the screen you view the item on will all vary. 

Do you sell to Wholesale Customers?

We do, but we select the outlets quite carefully. Please contact with details of what you would like, and to obtain wholesale pricing, minimum order quantities and other terms.