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Claire and Willow at Ennerdale in the Lake District

A huge welcome to you, we’re so excited that you found us! Have a look around and learn about us, our dogs and our products.

Claire and Willow at Ennerdale in the Lake District
“Look deep into my eyes…right, hand over those marshmallows human…”

Inspired by our two crazy Cocker Spaniels, Willow and Ivy, we set out to design and make stylish, practical and sometimes whimsical products.

Every product that leaves C&T has a little piece of us in it; the fabrics, the design and the function. We make every product as if we would be using it ourselves, and we don’t make anything we wouldn’t put on our own dogs, or that we don’t believe is original, beautiful and robust. It’s all made here, by us, by hand. We don’t want to be the biggest, but we do believe we can be the best!

Why Tweed? Our love affair with tweed started a long time ago, the timeless English style and sense of history it invokes means you will treasure every tweed item you own, even if it’s currently plunging through the undergrowth attached to an energetic dog!

So, as you look around, we hope that you will be able to see the care we put into everything – starting with our choice of gorgeous tweeds either direct from the mills on Harris, Skye and Islay or from small U.K. designers and suppliers, through to the final packaging design, with our hand inked stamp on each box, which is your guarantee that we made this ourselves, with care.

We believe that is all important, that’s why, since 2016, from our farmhouse in the Lake District in Cumbria, we have shipped thousands of hand-made products as far afield as the USA, China, the Philippines and Australia, and why our brand has become synonymous with high standards of design, attention to detail and customer care. Whether it’s a Bulldog in Brooklyn or a Spaniel in Shepherd’s Bush, when we get an order, we do a little happy dance in the C&T office.

Ready to go, in our Gift Box packaging

So, please have a look around. Check out the ‘Shop’ as well as the short posts we have started putting up at our ‘Club C&T’ pages.

We hope you will find something you like, and place an order with us. Thousands of dogs around the world have a little piece of C&T in their wardrobe, and we would be delighted to see your dog looking dapper in one of our products!

Claire @ C&T HQ

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