Picture Perfect

Do you like good quality, well-lit product photos? Yes, me too! In fact, I am a little bit obsessive about it.

At Collar & Tweed, we try to show the products in all kinds of ways; being worn by our dogs and brand reps, as well as against a plain background that shows the product clearly, so you know what you will receive when you order. We often show them dripping wet, around the necks of Willow and Ivy, so you can be sure we test our product designs before they go out to you! In order to give you a really clear and attractive view of our products, we’ve tried all kinds of backgrounds! Outdoors, indoors, photo booths, tree stumps, door handles, walls, hedges, you name it…

Now that we are busy loading the products onto our new website, it has made us look again at our product images. We would love to have a nice consistent image of each product that will allow customers to compare items and see how items differ, or would go together. So what would we choose?

Back in the mists of time, a friend was throwing out a beautiful oak sewing stand. The lid was broken and it was knocked about. We couldn’t resist rescuing it and putting it into the barn for future restoration, where I’m ashamed to say, it has sat…until today!

Pulled from its rather dusty resting place, it has been given a good clean, and the front panel has been cut out and placed in the back of the unit to provide a lovely backdrop for the products. The cut edges have been restored with a traditional ‘ebonising’ technique to give them a nice original colour, and it will soon have some beautiful hooks fitted to allow the display or collars, bow ties, leads, and who knows what else. We think this will be a bit better than a pop up photo tent, what do you think?

A work in progress…

…a friend of ours left a home gym setup in our barn several years ago, whilst he was moving house. I think he has forgotten about it. The weights are a great help in small woodworking projects. If he ever wants then back, I will be sad to see them go…

Two small shelves for displaying products, both cut from the wood of the broken lid and aged with a traditional technique involving rusty nails and vinegar!

We hope that you will start to see more of our products pictured against this lovely backdrop over coming weeks, and as we receive orders for items and remake them, we may snap a new product picture before they go out to our lovely customers, so keep looking back to our shop for new and improved Product Pictures.

If you want to tell us what you like to see in product pictures, just comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Phil – Team C&T Accountant, Barista, Photographer & Shoulder to Cry On.

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