New Website for 2019

As C&T approaches its second full year, it was time to sit back and think about our next step. Etsy has been a great platform to allow you all to see the products we make and to order them, and we are amazed to see we have shipped well over 1,000 orders through that platform (that reminds me, both the sewing machine and I are well overdue a rest, and in my case, a G&T!)

We want to offer the ultimate flexibility when you select your products from a range? What if you would like an extra-small collar with an extra-large bow? Want that with an extra long lead? Treat bag? Gift packaging? All of this should be easy for us to set up, and more importantly for you to play with the options and choose exactly what you want.

What about listing items? We want to give you lots of high quality, beautiful photographs, so that you can see how the products look – not just on white background, but on our dogs, in the field, or perhaps even just emerging from the lake? We’re not shy about field testing our products, and we want you to see the results.

All of this is easy on our new website and much quicker – no more product launches in the wee-small-hours (unless we want to!) – and we hope you will soon find your way around and get comfortable here! It’s our shop, and we would love for you to pop in regularly and get to know us and the products. 

You can be sure that using the website is safe and secure. It has the same SSL protection as Etsy and uses an industry leading payments processing company called ‘Stripe’, which means that we don’t have to see, use or store your credit or debit card information – they do all they for us, very securely.

We hope you like the new site – we have lots planned for the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Video content
  • Behind the scenes photos and videos
  • New products and new product categories
  • New competitions and discount offers and
  • So very, very much more…

Thanks for catching up with us, keep reading to learn more!

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